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Whether you are entering either a print book or an e-book (electronic book) we have many categories or genres to enter -  we recommend that you complete the preliminary entry online to save you time and to ease the entry process. You can submit an online entry by following the guidelines below.


How do I submit an online entry for my book?

There are three simple steps to complete your online entry:

  • Read Terms and Enter via Online Submission Form
  • Pay the entry fee(s) through PayPal.- Credit cards are accepted via the PayPal checkout system. Please note that if you pay by credit card the charge on your credit card statement may either show up as AWARDS MEDIA, Paypal or EventBrite as the processor.  Note: Shortly after you submit your online entry for the New Book Awards, we will send you a confirmation email from  Look for it asap.
  • To ensure that you receive the email, please add us to your address book. To complete the online early entry process, ensure that you also complete the following step:
  • Print out and mail a copy of the "Confirmation of Entry" email you will receive, which will include all of your entry details, together with two copies of your book (plus one additional copy of your book for each additional category entered) within 14 days of your entry.  You will be notified which judge(s) to send a copy to after your entry has been approved.








Use above message box or simply email us at

Submitting an e-book

If you are entering an e-book category, please submit the e-book electronically by following the guidelines below.


What format should the e-book be submitted in?

When submitting an e-book electronically, your e-book must be submitted by email as an attachment in PDF format - no other formats for online entries will be accepted at this time. Also, please ensure that the e-book is not password protected.


Rule Requirements for Naming Your Entry PDF:

IMPORTANT The PDF name must include the title of the e-book, a hyphen, the author’s initials and it must end with the extension "PDF". For example, if you are submitting an e-book titled Fashion Divas by Sarah Jones, the PDF should be named as follows: Fashion Divas by Sarah Jones PDF or (PDF)


Notes on Naming Your PDF

However, if the title of the e-book is long, please select key words from the e-book title and include those in the name of the PDF, a hyphen, the author’s initials and end it with the extension "PDF". For example, if an e-book is titled NEW YEAR SUCCESS by Mike Rich, add the word the term PDF



In other words, the name of the PDF document should be added as part of the title of the e-book so that the judges can easily identify your e-book from other formats and titles that might have somewhat similar names. We accept print & audio titles too!


Make sure that the PDF name does not contain spaces and only use alphabetical characters, numbers and hyphens within the name.

PLEASE NOTE Feedback from our judges and book reviewers!  When mailing in copies of your books, please be sure to include the correct postage on the package. Incorrect postage could result in your package being returned to you resulting in delayed processing time and possibly missing key deadline dates. Be Ready: judges & reviewers can request copies at any time.


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