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About Various Categories and Additional Genres You May Enter Your Book In.



When judges browse through the entries for books that might interest them, they will be presented with genres and subgenres.  By selecting additional categories, you are increasing the likelihood of having VIP judges in certain genres take note of your book.  Take the time now to decide which additional genres may help expose and feature your book. 


We will allow you unlimited genres to choose from as long as it fits.  After selecting the number of genres you want to enter, we will follow-up with you on getting your book the most exposure within your niche or category (sub-genres, etc).


The New Book Awards program uses BISAC Subject Codes, an industry standard system, to help determine where your book should show up for browsing and searching award entries. You can read more about the BISAC Subject Code system and see the most current list of codes here:


2021 reference list remains accurate and still applies to this year


or go to...

While optional and not required to further your entry into the NEW BOOK AWARDS authors may find it beneficial to have their book titles listed in a number of various ways for searchable purposes, backlink advantages and it does help make your book stand out for those niche reviewers who are hoping to find a title like yours.  Again selecting additional titles are not required (you will be asked on the entry form to list if you do choose).

You may choose as many genres and categories for your book as you see fit entering in. To help determine which categories best fit your book, you may consider searching for other titles in your local book store or library.  For example, you can review the online Barnes & Noble and look at Amazon's or the Kindle catalog to gain insight and find other book themes similar to yours. You can then find the browse categories that are assigned to those titles by scrolling down the book's detail page to the "Look for Similar Items by Category" section located at the bottom of the page. The categories you select for your book will be used to filter it into the most relevant customer searches and browse sections on Amazon.


Choosing the Best Browse Categories 


While low priced ($30 currently) it becomes an added fee for each additional genre, category or keyword you want to add to your entry that pays for our internal sorting and distribution process. Keep in mind there are three main criteria that will help you choose the best browse categories. 


•1 Picking the most accurate categories. Make sure the categories you've picked correctly describe the subject matter of your book.

•2 Selecting the most specific categories. It's better to choose more specific categories instead of more general categories. Customers looking for very specific topics will more easily find your book, and your book will be displayed in more general categories as well (for example, a book in the "FICTION > Fantasy > Historical" category will also show up in searches for general fiction and general fantasy books). You should only select a "General" category if your book is actually a general book about a broad topic.

•3 Ensuring the categories you choose are not redundant. Since your book will be displayed in a variety of settings don’t limit it to a single category.  Keep in mind that the more specific, accurate category is preferable to selecting a general or misplaced category.  For better assurance of additional exposure many authors choose to have a second category listed.   You are not limited to how many you choose just make sure it fits and helps your book description stand out.


Categories With Keyword Requirements 


In order to list your title in certain sub-categories of your choosing you may want to add your own Search Terms or what we call “Keywords” in addition to the genre or categories you choose for your title.  These keywords of are your own choosing that you come up with to best describe your book, many authors will include keywords in their title or subtitle that can best help get your book additional attention.



SAMPLE KEYWORDS & GENRES (you are welcome to list as many that fit however, note you have an additional entry fee for each category, keyword or genre description you give your book)  



Think of how many keywords or genres you wish to purchase, later in the awards process you will asked to give them.

Here are just a few examples - research online or at your local bookstore or library for more specific niches:


Biographies & Memoirs

Literature & Fiction


Business & Money

Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense


Children's eBooks

Religion & Spirituality


Comics & Graphic Novels




Science Fiction & Fantasy



Teen & Young Adult






- ADD OTHERS AS YOU WISH  - You will asked to name your keywords and genre/category choices later in the entry form process.

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