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Selecting Genres and Categories

Selecting a genre or category for your New Book Awards entry is a lot like deciding where your book should be shelved in a library

When judges browse through the entries for books that might interest them, they will be presented with a variety of genres and sub-genres.  By selecting additional categories for your entry, you are increasing the likelihood of having VIP judges in certain genres take special notice of your book. 


Take the time now to decide which additional genres may describe if not feature your book. We will allow you unlimited genres to choose from as long as it fits. 


After selecting the number of genres you want to enter, we will follow-up with you on getting your book the most exposure within your niche or category (sub-genres, etc).


The New Book Awards program uses BISAC Subject Codes, an industry standard system, to help determine where your book should show up for browsing and searching award entries. You can read more about the BISAC Subject Code system and see the most current list of codes here:

2021-2022 revisions are current & apply

You may choose as many genres and categories for your book as you see fit entering in. To help determine which categories best fit your book, you may consider searching for other titles in your local book store or library.  The online Barnes & Noble and Amazon catalog can work to find other books that are similar to yours. You can then find the browse categories that are assigned to those titles by scrolling down the book's detail page to the "Look for Similar Items by Category" section located at the bottom of the page. The categories you select for your book will be used to filter it into the most relevant customer searches and browse sections on Amazon.

Choosing the Best Categories for your Book Entry 

There are three main criteria that will help you choose the best selection of categories. 

• Picking the most accurate categories. Make sure the categories you've picked correctly describe the subject matter of your book.

• Selecting the most specific categories. It's better to choose more specific categories instead of more general categories. Customers looking for very specific topics will more easily find your book, and your book will be displayed in more general categories as well (for example, a book in the "FICTION > Fantasy > Historical" category will also show up in searches for general fiction and general fantasy books). You should only select a "General" category if your book is actually a general book about a broad topic.

• Ensuring the categories you choose are not redundant. Since your book will be displayed in a variety of settings don’t limit it to a single category.  Keep in mind that the more specific, accurate category is preferable to selecting a general or misplaced category.  For better assurance of additional exposure many authors choose to have a second category listed.   You are not limited to how many you choose just make sure it fits and helps your book description stand out.

Categories With Keyword Requirements 

In order to list your title in certain sub-categories of your choosing you may want to add your own Search Terms or what we call “Keywords” in addition to the genre or categories you choose for your title.  These keywords of are your own choosing that you come up with to best describe your book, many authors will include keywords in their title or subtitle that can best help get your book additional attention.  (Worldwide Entries)

SAMPLE KEYWORDS & GENRES (you are welcome to list as many that fit however, note you have an additional entry fee for each category, keyword or genre description you give your book)  Think of how many keywords or genres you wish to purchase, later in the awards process you will asked to list them after entry.  To read more suggested niches click here.



Biographies & Memoirs

Literature & Fiction

Business & Money

Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Children's eBooks

Religion & Spirituality

Comics & Graphic Novels



Science Fiction & Fantasy


Teen & Young Adult


ENTRY STATEMENT and DECLARATION: As the author or authorized representative entering into the awards, I hereby confirm that this entry form constitutes full acceptance of the Rules and Regulations as detailed on this page. If this book (my entry) is selected, I grant the awards the rights to publicly display it. I confirm that I have the right to submit the book I am entering into the New Book Awards. I give permission to the organizers to use excerpts (max 5 minutes or pages), photos and all aforementioned materials for publication and promotional purposes. The awards event organizer may hold all submitted material in their internal archive. I understand that printed hard or soft copies, CDs, Audio Books, DVDs, digital files and ebooks including related publicity materials submitted to the New Book Awards will not be returned. In agreement I will enter the awards.


This is the right time to enter: Beat the Deadline!


Its an exciting time with the launch of the 2023 NEW BOOK AWARDS.  This is your time to enter and we have provided the most open recognition program to help boost your efforts to promote and gain exposure for your titles.  We encourage you to enter the awards today


Answers to Your Questions and FAQ

1. What's up?  Who can enter the 2023 New Book Awards?

For a brief window the program is now open for all authors and publishers including alternative to traditional houses, independent and niche (micro) publishers of all types including art books, e-books to rare collectible small print run publishers.  We have strong demand in our discovering new great works.  Got something that stands out? Our judges will want to know!

First time authors to seasoned pros are welcome to enter.  We will accept any English (translated or otherwise) title published in the U.S., Canada or internationally within a 2 year span release or copyright date (2022-2023).


Books not yet released for sale but are available to read also can qualify.

2. What makes the New Book Awards unique?

It is the only book awards program of its kind that strictly recognizes new books that nominated authors can directly enter.  Most award programs are restricted to an insider circle of 'buddy' deciders or are very political or judging is controlled by the major publishers. Our awards program is independent and open for indie publishers to enter.  We offer maximum PR exposure (even possible representation) through media promotion and dedicated independent book store support.  We want to recognize YOU!

3. What other benefits will Winners and Finalists receive?

In addition to the recognition and prestige of having an award-winning book, Finalists and Winners will also receive the following:

  • A listing in the New Book A-List that will highlight all of our Award Candidates.  This exclusive list is distributed to thousands of book buyers, libraries, media, and more!

  • Exposure for the duration of your entry and extended time as a Winner or Finalist.

  • Opportunity to participate in the awards announcement press conference and webinar.

  • The exclusive rights to display Finalist or Winner gold award stickers on your book.

  • Other benefits of an award-winning book (such as potential increased revenue).

  • EXCLUSIVE: Your book can achieve a listing on the Top 100 Books of the Year

  • Promotion to top book reviewers, bloggers and talk shows that interview authors.

  • Publishing industry press release of winners and distribution to all major media outlets.

According to Bowker's Books in Print:
The overwhelming number of new books, makes it almost impossible to get your book seen by the right people to catapult it to success. However, if your book is selected as one of the Top 100 Books, your title will receive attention and be promoted to leading media outlets and literary agents for review (unless you prefer not to have your info forwarded to the media).


4. How does the WINNER selection process work?

This awards program is unique and special in this regard as we aim to gain exposure for the new titles that enter the New Book Awards. Instead of competing for a "best of" in a particular category, you will be scored on merits determined by our reviewers.  That means all books are judged for their content and presentation. The judges selected each year will include expert editors, reviewers, bloggers, lit agents, book store buyers (owners and managers) and other VIP leaders in the book publishing industry.

Entrants can also enter their books in the best design categories and these categories will be judged by a team of professional book designers in the book publishing industry.

If you are interested in Judging the New Book Awards contact us HERE

5. What are the Entry Fees?  They are very reasonable!

The entry fee assures a valid entry and varies on what awards cycle you are entering in.  The fees are extremely reasonable given all the benefits your entry receives. The Entry for 2023 are now HALF OFF if you get the early bird  entry fee.  Unlike other programs its only a one time cost listed and ranges depending on when/how you enter and if you select upgrades.


A $35 fee for each additional category entered applies. 

Be sure to inquire about our Author PR program and Featured options.



  • Decide to participate and select the category or categories you wish to enter online

  • Complete the online entry form or Word or PDF version of the entry form (at shows)

  • Make payment of entry fee(s) either online through EventBrite or mail in cashier check

  • Submit completed entry form, entry fees and books by no later than Final Deadline date (all books entered should be received in our offices latest within 14 days of entry) to:


New Book Awards HQ

592 Bradford Way
Hartland, Wisconsin 53029

When mailing in copies of your books, please be sure to include the correct postage on the package. Incorrect postage could result in your books being returned to you resulting in delayed processing time and possibly missing the final review date.


To get more details on how to enter the 2022 New Book Awards you can contact us here or email us at  We welcome media inquiries and retailers interested in reviewing and/or judging our entries.  If you are a book blogger or a reviewer - CONTACT US Today!

6. Will I receive confirmation of my entry and that my books have been received and, if so, when will I receive confirmation?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation that your books have been received, however, the timing is dependent on when you enter. Before the peak months (during the summer), you will likely receive confirmation within one month after your book is received. During certain review cycles, it may take up to two or three months before you receive confirmation that your books have been distributed because our judging coordinator only processes a select number of books each week during entry periods.

7. How many titles can I enter in the 2023-2024 New Book Awards?

Whether it is a series or other adjunct titles, there is no limit to the number of books a publishing house or author released within the (c) period so you can enter away!  Varying genres or a title series are also welcome.

8. How many categories can I enter per title?

You can enter as many categories as you like per title. We recommend selecting the categories you wish to enter based on which categories most apply to your book or to your marketing strategies.  We began adding new categories for entry beginning in 2015 and is fully expanded for this year.

9. If I am submitting my book electronically, does it have to be entered into one of the E-Book categories? Is more than one PDF copy required?  You can submit your book in PDF format to be judged in any of the categories we offer. It does not have to be entered into the e-book category to be submitted electronically. If submitting electronically, you only need to send in one PDF copy of your book.


10. Will I be notified even if I don't win or place as a Finalist?

No. Only Winners and Finalists will be notified of their Winner or Finalist placement, however, a complete list of our winners will be available to view online when announced.  A national press release of the New Book Award winners distributed each year appeared on over 200 media sites.

11. How and when will I be notified if my book gets shortlisted?

Winners of the New Book Awards will be notified by mail, phone and/or email and this year's Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.  We will also ask a selection of winners for an acceptance statement.


12. Do you have any support for authors entering the Awards? 

We can refer experts (just ask) and we will give you a free campaign template you can adopt to assist in your getting maximum PR exposure for joining the New Book Awards.  Please review your entry materials!

Entered New Book Awards Authors

say that by just being in the awards more

book stores & lit media look at their titles

showing real serious interest in their work.



                         We wish you the very best!

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